Porsche 914 Rally Recreation 1970 Porsche 914-6 conversion: serial# 4702902408. Clean CA title and street legal. Ground up restoration in 1998 to full 1980's Caribbean Rally specs by Factory Tour.  Third in a series that was created for a Jamaican rally series (the first two cars met their unfortunate demise - one got wrecked and the other, it is rumored, ended up in the ocean!).  Full rally specs, unveiled at the 50th Anniversary of Porsche at the Monterey Historics.  A staple of SoCal rally events, this car was acquired by Dempsey Motorsports to replace the other 914-6 that had been stolen (has now been recovered).

Full story: http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/936704-just-case-you-thought-i-getting-too-old-do-crazy-stuff.html

Good morning, Wayne...

I'll tell you what I know about your 914.  I'm always interested in the history of these things, as cars have lives, as people do, some more interesting than others. The car ( Porsche 914/4  4702902408) was ordered new in Chicago, special ordered with optional color L98 "Blue Metallic" by a local Chicago family, whose name I have on the original warranty book (somewhere in my archives) and who owned the car until late 1984.  It was used as a trade-in as a well used, non abused 14 year old car that ran well but looked tired. I purchased it from the local Denver Colorado Volvo dealer for $1188 in November of '84. Being in a Porsche family, I planned to build it into an autocross/time trial car.  Purchased a 2.0 race engine out of Florida, and sourced a '73 side shift gearbox, and a lot of go-fast goodies. The family move from Denver to Escondido put the project on hold.  A 356 fell into my lap and the 914 sat idle until Tom Woodford, my neighbor at the time, expressed interest in the car, minus the 1.7 that it was born with... He traded a few parts and some labor on the 356 project for the "roller" and proceeded to use it as a platform for a number of outrageous flat sixes that he was building for his customers... the livery and interesting accessories made the car very well known. It did make an appearance at the Monterey Historic's (in the Corral) and at least one other Porsche Werks event at Laguna. It seems he built a lot of engines for the car, and was always building another as the one in the car was sold.

I'm not sure why he (Tom) wouldn't remember where he got it, we are friends and maybe he just didn't want to bother with it. He wasn't interested in the owner's manual, or want to know anything about it's origins like I did, but anyway it was of interest to me. And now that the car will live on in your collection, I'm happy to provide what I can for you. When I find the original owner's info I'll forward that on to you.  I did call them when I started the project, they were pleased to hear the car went to a good home and that it was appreciated.

Enclosed are a few pictures... the day I got it in faded blue, and some of it completed on the trailer going back to Winnemucca.  The other car is a correctly kitted 9146GT that my brother and I vintage race, headed back for a fresh engine rebuild at Tom's place.

Hope you didn't get frost bite, if you were the hearty soul that drove it back from Nevada.   BBBRRRR.

Anyway, enjoy the car and have fun... it's casual but it's unusual and goes like hell.

Rod Packwood